Kate Blewett has been an independent film director and producer for over twenty years.
From an early age Kate showed interest in people whose lives were worse than her own. She spent much of her childhood living in foreign countries, witnessing a variety of different lifestyles and cultures as well as poverty and deprivation. After reading radio, film and television at Kent University, she travelled to Asia, setting up a film company in Hong Kong and spent years filming in a variety of places in the surrounding areas like Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Macau, Australia, Malaysia and Micronesia. A variety of different subjects were covered, from the stock exchange and business to wildlife, education and death. Her time in Hong Kong came to an end after completing her largest project so far- “The Dying Rooms”, a film about deprivation and death in China’s state run orphanages. This film caused a huge global outcry and encouraged Kate to devote the rest of her life to films on human rights and social issues.
Kate aims to make films that will:
1. Make a difference
2. Allow silenced people to be heard
3. Change laws and legislation
4. Save lives
5. Prove the power of television
There is great difficulty in making undercover films because they need to be shot secretly, without permission. It is imperative that the crew remains invisible and captures authentic footage. Identitiles need to be changed, documents need to be vague so as not to give away important information and contacts need to dissolve into insignificance. The films aim to get a reaction from the governments by using hard facts and strong footage. According to Kate “the contributors need protection and we, the makers, have to protect them and be strong in standing by our facts. Otherwise, the governments of the world would have dissolved us and our records time and time again. Perhaps we would not exist today. Who knows?”
The Dying Rooms Channel 4 1995
Return To the Dying Rooms Channel 4 1996
Innocents Lost Channel 4/HBO 1997
Eyes Of A Child BBC One 1999
Slavery- A Global Investigation Channel 4/HBO 2000
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Channel 4 2000
Kids Behind Bars BBC One/Discovery 2001
Old Channel 4 2002
The Transplant Trade Channel 4/Discovery 2004
China’s Stolen Children US Theatrical Release/Channel 4 2007
Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children BBC Two/Four 2007
Undercover In Tibet Channel 4 2008
Mum Loves Drugs, Not Me... Channel 4 2008
Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children: Revisited BBC Four 2009
Ukraine’s Forgotten Children BBC Four 2012