Secret Asia: Children of The Cybersex Dens (2016)

Channel News Asia (CNA) This shocking film reveals how paedophiles worldwide hunting for children to perform sex acts on webcams, are homing in on the Philippines. It is the top targeted country in the world, where children as young as three months old are being abused, for money. The younger the child, the more the online sex offender will pay. … Read More

Rich, Russian and Living In London (2014)

BBC4 From multi-millionaire dissident wine merchants and uncompromising art-loving oligarchs to ‘country set’ tsarist princesses and beautiful supermodels, Rich, Russian and Living in London takes us into the lives of the uber wealthy who have made London their home.  How do they see themselves, how do they see us, what does money mean to them, and who are they…really?


BBC4 Ten times as many children are in institutional care in Ukraine as in England. In this disturbing investigation, film-maker Kate Blewett finds out what a lifetime in the care of the state really means for Ukraine’s forgotten children. Shot over six months in an institute for disabled and abandoned children, the film takes us inside the lives of a … Read More


BBC4 In 2007 the BBC documentary film ‘Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children caused an international outcry because the images of neglect were so shocking to witness in a country that had just become a member of the European Union. Bulgaria has more institutionalised mentally and physically disabled children than anywhere else in Europe. The film is a heart-rending and eye-opening look into … Read More


CHANNEL 4 Mum Loves Drugs, Not Me, reveals the destruction and despair drugs wreak upon families and how it is the children and the grandparents who suffer the consequences.


CHANNEL 4  Reveals the regime of terror which dominates daily life and makes freedom of expression an impossibility.


US THEATRICAL RELEASE/CHANNEL 4 Ten years after the policy-changing and award-winning film, The Dying Rooms, the same team returns to a very different China where the infamous One Child Policy has had the horrific side effect of a boom in stolen children. With extraordinary access to devastated parents desperately searching for their stolen son; a man who brokers the deals … Read More


CHANNEL 4/DISCOVERY The concept of trading in human organs seems horrifying to many in the West, but for some of the poorest people in the developing world selling an organ for money can seem like the only chance to escape poverty. The Transplant Trade investigates both sides of the story to take a closer look at the trade in human body parts … Read More