Ukraine - Letter of Helping

I am so pleased my film Ukraine's Forgotten Children has had an impact on you. This is of course my hope, that there will be a response - so that offers of help, support and donations can be directed to organisations I believe we can trust in Ukraine. I have not set one up specifically to help in the UK.

My first focus of course is Nikolai's institute. He is trying to set up a second Small Group Home through the Happy Child Foundation, so please, if you feel happy to donate - this is a great place to put some money to make this plan of a second home actually turn into a reality. It took Nikolai three years to get the first Small Group Home up and running, perhaps we can all help him to get this second one up and running very soon.

Additionally the same charity Happy Child Foundation is trying to provide additional nutritious food to the most needy in Nikolai's institute - those who are bedridden and wasting away. This is another area that you could donate and specifically help the children in the film.

Hope and Homes is doing fabulous work across Ukraine, trying to work towards de-institutionalisation and provide Small Group Homes to children in similar condition to those you saw in my film. This is a trustworthy organisation to donate money to, or to talk to about volunteering.

Ukraine Charity is also a really great London based charity, committed to helping the orphans in Ukraine and in fact provided the funding to furnish Nikolai's Small Group Home for the boys at the end of last year.

Care in Action is an organisation that has been working with children in institutes in Ukraine for the last 15 years - they are working to modernize the care model, helping children inside the institutes and helping teenagers when it comes to leaving as young adults - entering society.  Their web page is If you want to volunteer, this is also a good organisation to talk to.

Please go to this link  - where you will find further information about how you can help - with links to the organisations I mention above.

Happy Child Foundation works very closely with Nikolai and has english speakers (whereas Nikolai does not).

Nikolai's address is below, so you can send gifts, clothes, toys, shoes, nappies etc - for the children. This however can be hard work, because packages get held in immigration then a massive line of paperwork follows for months - so it might be better to target a specific organization or area that you want to help.

Nikolai Slavov, Director
KU Chernihivsky (Kalynivski) children's home-internat, Zaporizka Oblasna Rada
Kalynovka village
Chernihivka district
Zaporozhye Obl.

This is Nikolai's email

Some recent photos of Nikolai's institute are at -

Tatyana is battling to help the Incapacitated and she is trying to set up Small Group Homes for those she can, so they are not imprisoned by the system. This means getting guardians and premises, which requires money and all kinds of hands on help too. If you wish to help her, Tatyana's address is:-

Odessa, Kovalevskogo Street, Flat 6, post code 65029( Russian г. Одесса, ул. Ковалевского 23, кв.6 индекс: 65029) Tel.+380674843438. You can write in english and she can get it translated.

If you want to develop awareness, volunteer, fundraise, donate do ask each organisation HOW you can help  so you end up doing something you feel really comfortable with.

These are 5 key people to put pressure on for government change within the system and to look at ''de-institutionalisation'', with Small Group Homes replacing the large impersonal institutes. Please mention the film if you email so that the pressure is felt:-

  1. PRESIDENT Viktor Yanukovych
  2. PRIME-MINISTER MYKOLA AZAROV - (but I am still trying to obtain his personal press-secretary details, which will follow)
  3. Vice-prime minister }Social Policy Minister Serhiy Tyhypko
  4. Vice Prime-minister, Health minister Raisa Bogatyrova (SHE'S A MADAME, remember!)
  5. Children's Ombudsman (Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights) Yuriy Pavlenko

Information about adoption in Ukraine can be found here -

 Do email if you have any further requests, questions - anything! Just as long as we unite and do our best to help these children and young people. I particularly, initially, want to bring as much help to Nikolai and Tatyana. They are worth it and can really give each of their children/young people a chance to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Once this is achieved, then there are all the other institutes in Ukraine to focus on!

Onwards we go! I will continue to campaign for these children...

With heartfelt thanks, Kate

kate blewett